NINJA Foodi SmartLid OL550UK Multicooker – Stainless Steel & Black, Stainless Steel



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Endless possibilitiesEnjoy endless cooking possibilities with the Ninja Foodi SmartLid OL550UK Multicooker.Choose from 3 cooking modes and 11 functions. Grill burgers, prove dough or slow cook meals for up to 12 hours. Sear steaks, sauté ingredients and caramelise onions. Or dehydrate ingredients to create vegetable crisps, dried fruit snacks or dried herbs.Steam functionsExperiment with Combi-steam mode functions. They combine steam and conventional cooking, so you’ll get juicy and crispy results. And there are even programs that let you bake a cake or bread. Pressure cook and Air fry modePressure Cook is a fast way to prepare a juicy beef brisket or pulled pork, while the Air Fry mode helps you create cripsy dishes using little to no oil. You can prepare anything from golden chips to chicken wings.Generous capacity The 6 litre cooking pot fits up to a 2 kg roast while the 3.7 litre basket is perfect for 1 kg of chips. There’s also a single tier reversible rack – perfect for layering mains and sides.And when it’s time to clean, both the non-stick cooking pot and Cook & Crisp basket are dishwasher-safe.

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