BELLING Kensington 90E Electric Ceramic Range Cooker – Black & Chrome



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Top features: – Three ovens to prepare multiple dishes at once and in the style you prefer – Five-zone ceramic hob with generous, easy-clean surface – LED touch control programmer and clock – Easy-clean enamel for headache-free cleaning Three ovens The Kensington Electric Range Cooker features three ovens that let you cook multiple dishes at once, in the style that you prefer. This is ideal for simplifying entertaining guests and friends. If you and your family want to cook different meals, you can do so at the same time without getting in each other’s way. From slow cooking to grilling, the range cooker’s varied functions enable you to cook dishes as they are meant to be cooked – locking in flavours and nutrients. Five-zone ceramic hob The Kensington 90E offers a generous five-zone ceramic hob, giving you plenty of room to try new recipes or perfect favourite classics. The surface also adds a modern touch to any kitchen and is cleaned by simply wiping it. LED touch control programmer and clock The Kensington Electric Range Cooker has a programmable digital timer that allows meals to be ready as you arrive back home, saving you time and fitting in with your schedule. Easy-clean enamel The interior of all three ovens are coated with a specially designed enamel that prevents food spills from sticking and helps you clean with ease.

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